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Mary's Meanderings November 5, 2016

Hi, everyone. THEY’RE HERE!!!! THEY’RE HERE!!!! Well, almost. What’s here? Embroider Buddys, that’s what! And these are the coolest, neatest items that we have seen in a LONG time. We are getting ready to order and we want to be sure that your needs are met in time for Christmas. Whether you need to buy a gift, make your own “wish list” or just spiffy up your house for the holidays, there is an EB just for you! And here at the Bear Cove, we are introducing what I like to call YOUR Christmas Improvement Plan, or ChIP, which we will develop for each and every one of our customers. When we sit down with you and the 8 page EB catalog, we will develop your own ChIP which will assure that you will be ready for Christmas in a fresh and unique way with one-of-a-kind gifts and decorations.

So here is what we will have for your review when we sit down with the catalog:

The original EBs are beautiful stuffed animals ranging in size from 14-20”. These can be embroidered on the belly, the back and/or bottom. These are great for a grandchild, a niece or nephew, or a best friend and are certain to bring a smile with your personalized embroidered message. Frogs and hedgehogs, kangaroos and dinosaurs, lions and tigers and bears, oh my, all of those are available. Did I fail to mention the Violet Unicorn and Pink Ellie Elephant? And that only names a few. Miss Beatrice Bear, who can be seen in the Photo Gallery and on our Services tab, is our EB mascot. She is the 16” White Mister Buddy Bear. Our EBs are generally priced at $30 -35 but prices may vary depending on the amount of embroidery desired. Firm quotes are given at the time of order placement.

But wait, that’s not all. This can be the gift that keeps on giving with a fun selection of “Bear Wear”. Capes, caps, hats and masks will let you dress up your EB in keeping with many of the events in your life. Your EB can go from cheerleader to surgeon with just a quick change of attire. Let us show you how.

Blankey Buddys are soft 20” blankets with plush animal heads. These can be embroidered anywhere on the blanket, but especially on the satin heart located on the left “chest “ area of Buddy. These are beautiful gifts for infants and toddlers and have a fair amount of “embroidery real estate”. See our “Services” tab for an example photo. There are not as many animals available as the original EBs: lion, puppy, giraffe, lamb, owl, bunny, monkey, and two bears—one pink, one blue. Our Blanky Buddys are priced at $20 but prices may vary depending on the amount of embroidery desired. Firm quotes are given at the time of order placement. Their smaller 10” Wee Blankey Buddys (Froggy, Cow) are available for $10.

But wait, there’s more!! Are those Christmas stockings getting a little long in the tooth? If you are anything like me, those stockings are pushed to the back of the box and are rarely even brought out any more. There was a time when the stockings were the highlight of Christmas morning, but now, they are just sad. But Bear Cove, and your ChIP can help. Whether you choose Traditional Plush Christmas stockings with white fleece cuffs or the streamlined Chic Christmas stocking, you will want these attractive personalized stockings hanging for a long time. No more shoving those stockings to the back of the box. You will want to bring these out early and leave them out for the entire season. And with colors ranging from Christmas Red to Ice Blue to Lilac, we can find a color to blend with your décor. Stockings are available for $18.

But wait, that is still not all. We have 14 x 14 pillows in a several colors (red, oatmeal, black, grey, pink, blue topaz). These can be appliqued or embroidered. One cute idea for a couple spending their first Christmas together is three pillows with the first initial of each on a pillow and a plus sign on the third so the pillows are set up with, for example, M+R. This can easily be done in applique or embroidery. It’s just an idea. These could also easily be Christmas’tized. We can put on snowmen, snowflakes, and how about ice-skating snowmen. We can embroider some awesome Christmas trees or applique them, make them match your new Christmas stockings! The opportunities are endless. These run $25-30.

Let us develop a ChIP for you, just for you. Send us a note or give us a call and let’s make an appointment to review the 8-page EB catalog and get your Christmas off to a great start. That’s all from the Bear Cove.

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