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Mary's Meanderings

Hi, Everyone! Mary here! Welcome to the first ever Bear Cove Creations blog. We are so excited you are here. We had our first show yesterday and boy, are we tired. But it was so much fun. Rick's mom, Barbara was there, his sister Carla and her friend, Helen, and kids/ grandson, Andy, Mary and Aidan. And we made some wonderful new friends. What a great day. Just a little information about Bear Cove. A few years ago, we went on the best vacation ever to Colorado, specifically, Estes Park. I am from Colorado, and really miss it. Of course, there is really very little difference between Houston and Colorado if you forget about the humidity, the "feels like 109 degrees" in summer vs. 75 degrees, the flatness vs. mountains, snow vs rain, the hurricanes, the sloshiness, etc. There is really very little difference! But on with the story. Anyway, we stayed in a beautiful cabin up on a mountain across from Rocky Mountain National Park and the cabin's name was, yup, you guessed it, Bear Cove. And for the entire time we were there, we would sit in the morning, drinking wonderfully hot coffee (mine with a touch of cream) on the balcony, looking at snow dusted mountains, breathing in crisp mountain air and knowing that, in a couple hours time, we would be driving in those mountains, taking in the beauty, the wild life, the rustling aspen trees, and all that God has to offer up there, first hand. Well, when it came time to start our business, I went back to that cabin and re-created those great feelings I had during that vacation and thought to myself "I want people to feel that good when they do business with me". Thus, Bear Cove Creations was born. I want your experience to be nothing but good. I want to provide products that make your house, your home. When we were at the show yesterday, a lovely lady was looking at our hand towels and said how pretty they were but doggone, all she wanted was to be able to have a "purple Christmas". She got so excited when I told her that we could do that! And we can. If you want a purple Christmas or a teal Christmas or a doggone Heliotrope Hanukkah, we can get you there. And our EBs, Embroidery Buddys, can come to the rescue for your sweet baby needs. Lions and tigers and bears and much much more. We have the catalog and are happy to show you the possibilities here. Pillows, penquins and blanket buddies can be personalized to your specs for your little ones, and even for some of your young at heart older sweeties. Also, the little "Stuffys" will be coming in either lavendar, catnip or plain stuffing for future incarnations. The current ones are plain. For those, you can request your fleece color and trim preference. These are completely non-toxic and great for small animals, babies, as pin cushions, or a small couch companion. [These are small ~ 3X4"--Not a regular stuffed animal.]

Now, for full disclosure. From time to time, I will not be able to keep up with the blog. I just get wiped out sometimes. So, as a stand in, you will have the fun of reading "Missy's Musings". Missy is our 6 year old Havanese pup. She has lots of thoughts and will fill in when I would rather take a nap or have a cup of tea. Sometimes she is a little opinionated, but she can be fun so I've told her she can have a column from time to time. I hope you enjoy "The Cove" as much as I enjoyed my time at the original Bear Cove and as much as we have enjoyed setting up Bear Cove Creations for you.

We are at your service, Mary

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