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Mary's Meanderings--October 24, 2016

Hey Ho, Mary here. And we could call this blog "Problems with Plasma!". You may have heard about the cyber problems of last week and, well, we were notified that Bear Cove Creations was hit by these issues. I don't necessarily see any specific problems with the site, but if you have had issues, they may well be related to the cyber breakdowns last week. We apologize for these and hope they do not cause problems in the future. If you have problems, please send us a note and we will do whatever it takes to correct the problem.

We are very excited to be preparing for our second show, this one to be at Sanchez Elementary School, HISD, on Halloween. It will be held 3:30 - 5:30 and I guess a big turnout is expected. We have added a few items to our inventory including some very pretty horse "stuffies" and some silly monkey ones as well. I think the little girls will like the horses. In addition, we have some very pretty little tissue holders for mom to carry in her purse in Christmas fabrics that have turned out so nice and more hand towels to dress up the kitchen and guest bathrooms for the holidays. I am thinking about making some visors too. We are having such nice sunny days that a cute visor in fall colors might just be the deal to grab quickly before going out for that morning walk with the dog or jog with friends. So if you have that afternoon available, come on over and see us at Sanchez. We would love to have you stop by the Bear Cove!

And speaking of jogging with friends, we saw the coolest caps in Ft. Worth. Some of them looked like satin, so pretty, and I could really see them on my running friends. But the ones that really caught my eye were the ones with the lights. I worry about people out running in the dark. These caps have lights to improve the vision for joggers. The batteries can be removed and your friendly neighborhood embroiderer (that would be ME) can embellish the cap with the name of your running club, a logo, whatever you wish--front and/or back--slip the battery back in and off you go. They also have stocking caps for the colder days that can likewise be stitched. So think about these options if you want to outfit your running group. I have catalogs that I can show you at any time. These caps are cool.

We are so happy that the weather here in Houston has been nice for the last few days. It has been cool, sunny, and the sun is certainly setting earlier. Although the humidity could return at any moment, we at Bear Cove are grateful for this taste of real autumn. It is nice to have relief from the stifling summer heat and the unrelenting humidity. We are grateful, we are enjoying it, and we hope that it lasts for a long, long time. And, wherever you are, we hope your weather is also good, your family safe, and your cove filled with plenty of salmon!! Bye for now.

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